Al-Ebtikar Electronics Company

  • Al-Ebtikar Electronics Company , manufacture and assembly of electronic devices, its location Benghazi, one of the first companies from the private sector in the production of electronic devices, was founded in 2002 and specializes in the production of all kinds of Television (CRT,LCD,PDP,LED), we have a registered brand in Libya under the name of Hannibal, It also has assembly production line.

The first production line to the level of Libya is boring from the private sector ,We have the latest equipment in this field,White Balance Machine and Isolation Machine.

The factory is also equipped with a floor of high quality material and was installed by the company Sika and this article its trade name SikaFloor 262AS, This material helps to raise the quality of the product and make it a global specification where it prevents the static electricity from causing any faults at production, and is the leading company in the field of production of LCD&LED screens of all sizes.

Al-Mirnaah Electronics Co

  •  Al-Mirnaah Electronics Co.Ltd , based in Tripoli, was established since 2004. It is one of the few companies in the field of supplying electronic spare parts. We have sources all over the world. We supply all caliber parts for all brands. From China and Japan to Europe.
    We deal with the best suppliers and manufacturers in China owner for big brand name is (Ihandy)